One Minute Infographic – Pretzel Vs. Brioche Nutritional Comparison


Whether you love it or hate it, brioche burger buns have become a gourmet burger staple across the UK, USA and Australia. When the brioche bun started trending is in part still up for debate, however around 2013-14 menu’s exploded with brioche heading their promotional burger material. Without a doubt this revolutionary change altered the market giving rise to all kinds of gourmet burger opportunities, whether this be the surge of burger dedicated restaurants or simply the ability to incorporate burgers into one’s fine dining experience.

We’re now nearing 2017 and brioche is still around with a variety of textures, looks and tastes all being explored. So when are consumers going to tire of a ‘Victoria Sponge’ holding together their prime beef?

Well although brioche was undoubtedly 2016’s gourmet choice, Pretzel Burger Buns have been steadily gaining ground throughout the UK. With more people accepting the Pretzel Burger Bun we’re certainly hoping pretzel burgers will look at taking centre stage in what will be a very interesting 2017!

Although we can’t demonstrate the pretzel’s soft texture, durable composition, enticing smell and delicious taste over our website, we can provide for you a short nutritional comparison between the Pretzel and Brioche burger buns.


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