Tesco Finest Pretzel Roll!


Rolled out to over 900 Tesco’s stores, our Knotted Pretzel Sandwich lends a creative new flair to one of Britain’s biggest food markets.

A filling and full-flavoured creation, the balanced sandwich features succulent slices of British turkey, mild emmental cheese, and a creamy avocado and gherkin mayonnaise all in a delicately hand shaped pretzel.



The specially developed sandwich pretzel has quickly become one of Tesco’s best selling and favourite ‘Finest’ sandwich options and we expect that it will continue to grow in popularity, so look out for it on the shelves!

It provides a welcome alternative, with premium quality ingredients carried in the soft-textured and delicious sandwich roll which has the distinctive pretzel taste and colour in its exceptionally durable form.

This exciting new development further illustrates the range and versatility of Pretzel products, which inspires us to continue looking for fantastic solutions that can capture the U.K consumers attention.

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