NEW – 2017 Feature Range.


We are pleased to introduce some great new product lines for 2017 that are innovative, great tasting and align with current UK trends. All featured products are hand-crafted, premium quality, bake-off products manufactured by our partners Wolf ButterBack in Germany, part of the Dr Oetker Group of companies.


Our great tasting Wholegrain Croissant (1) is targeted at the health conscious consumer who is also looking to ‘snack on the go’, or for retail/hospitality and catering locations who are looking to offer a healthier option in their Viennoisserie basket. The product manages to tick all the boxes for current trends in whole grain, ancient grains, health and wellness and snacking-on-the-go.


The [all butter] Croissant Pretzel Triangle (2) is an exciting new development for the UK and Wolf Butterback’s best seller on the continent selling into the likes of major retail chains such as Starbucks. Its most popular use is as a novel sandwich carrier although the dough piece itself can be dipped in seed toppings or cut across the top to form various patterns creating your own signature product.

The Mozzarella and Gouda Cheese Swirl (3) is simply delicious and a stand-out product in its category. It has a light texture and is capable of keeping fresh for extended periods.

Retailers and Caterers often struggle to find good alternative foods to satisfy the growing number of Vegetarian consumers owing to the limited number of products available on the market. Our Vegetarian Triangle (4) is enticing whether you are a vegetarian or not! It can be offered as a hand-held takeaway snack or as a part of or as a complete meal on a menu.

We’ve seen such great development with our range of pretzel products throughout 2016 that we can only look to continue providing original quality produce that drives UK markets forward, accelerating innovation and outstanding products for the consumer.

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