2016 – Rise of the Pretzel


As we approach the end of an eventful 2016, WorldBake has too had its own memorable news, leading the introduction of various pretzel products into the UK market.

The UK’s view on pretzels has always been a little diverse; some believe pretzels have to be a certain (knotted) shape, some understand them as having a crisp outer shell and others think pretzels are coated in sugar and sold only at theme parks! WorldBake, along with our trading partners, have managed to dispel many of these preconceived notions by rallying premium eateries to join the pretzel cause!


Since the start 2016 WorldBake has been in collaboration with a number of key UK (wholesale) foodservice providers supporting the sales of Brezelbäckerei Ditsch’s premium pretzel lines tailored for the UK market. We’ve seen steady growth with some regions quicker to adopt a new style of menu offering than others, but always inquisitive enthusiasm from chefs and consumers alike. With us now close to Christmas and New Year we believe we can happily sing our own praises, taking a minute to reflect on development in a market where change is often gradual yet always exciting!

Below are some images of our premium pretzel products currently being enjoyed by many throughout the UK:


Though each business looks at using pretzels in their own unique fashion, a dedicated segment caters for premium burger options, as the pictures above demonstrate. With a durable composition, soft or crispy distinction, exclusive look, along with their great taste has made them ideal for many gourmet restaurant offerings. Here we have often seen the Pretzel Burger Bun used as a replacement for brioche rolls, chefs differing on reasoning: drive for innovation, taste, themed menu’s, nutritional values (Pretzel Vs. Brioche – Nutritional Comparison) and countless other reasons.

With the continent as well as the USA already enjoying their pretzel fill, we’re happy we could, and can continue to, provide a further variety of baked produce that ultimately widens the consumers’ premium options. 2016 has seen the UK’s first real look at pretzel products and we believe this growth is set to continue. We’ll make sure we continue providing the market with innovative baked goods (have a look at what we have in store for 2017!) but for us, 2016 within the UK has seen the rise of the pretzel.

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