One Minute Infographic – Pretzel Vs. Brioche Nutritional Comparison

Whether you love it or hate it, brioche burger buns have become a gourmet burger staple across the UK, USA and Australia. When the brioche bun started trending is in part still up for debate, however around 2013-14 menu’s exploded with brioche heading their promotional burger material. Without a doubt this revolutionary change altered the […]

NEW – 2017 Feature Range.

We are pleased to introduce some great new product lines for 2017 that are innovative, great tasting and align with current UK trends. All featured products are hand-crafted, premium quality, bake-off products manufactured by our partners Wolf ButterBack in Germany, part of the Dr Oetker Group of companies. Our great tasting Wholegrain Croissant (1) is […]

2016 – Rise of the Pretzel

As we approach the end of an eventful 2016, WorldBake has too had its own memorable news, leading the introduction of various pretzel products into the UK market. The UK’s view on pretzels has always been a little diverse; some believe pretzels have to be a certain (knotted) shape, some understand them as having a […]