Who can resist the tempting smells of sweet caramel from a baking hot Belgian sugar waffle! Our concept is so simple you won’t believe it, no mess and minimal preparation time allowing plenty of opportunity for staff to serve the queue of customers! Retail outlets can easily triple material costs making this an extremely attractive product offering.

Products arrive in cases of 130 pieces. Each case consists of a number of trays of frozen dough. Product is simply removed and placed on a suitable tray to allow them to defrost and prove. A commercial proover can be used to speed up the proving process to around one hour. Under warm ambient conditions of 25°C the dough pieces are ready to bake off in 4-5 hours. Having pre-heated the waffle iron, products are placed between the jaws of the machine and then the lid closed. Waffles are ready with 3-4 minutes.

Product remains fresh for approx 6 hours and can be refreshed once by briefly re-heating in the waffle machine

Waffles can be served on their own to eat on the go, with toppings such as chocolate and fruit syrups and even with ice cream and fresh fruits as a dessert style dish. Waffles are delicious served with a coffee making them ideal for ‘meal deals’. Liege and Brussels waffles are also available in Pre-baked thaw and serve or ambient form, in bulk cases or individually wrapped. These can be pre-dipped in chocolate or sprinkled with sugar dusting.