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We offer a wide range of Pretzels manufactured by our partners Ditsch in Germany. As one of the most renowned brands across the world, Ditsch manufacture a superior variety of Pretzel products that are deliciously soft in the centre and crispy on the outside when baked off. The ‘Laugen’ coating imparts a slightly tangy, malty and salty flavour, and many of the products are supplied with a sachet to enable the end user to add salt as required.

Pretzels can be offered in so many ways and on so many occasions for example:

‌◆ Snacking on the go from retail outlets, bars and concessions
◆ Perfect with a Pilsner lager
◆ Dippers to tear and share with friends
◆ Slice and make into a delicious eye-catching sandwich for your chilled cabinet
◆ Top with cheese, ham, tomato and herbs to make your own signature ‘Pretzel Pizza’
◆ Top with seeds to tap into wholegrain health trends
◆ Top or dip in chocolate and sprinkles
◆ Dip in butter and coat with Cinnamon sugar
◆ Add as part of a breadbasket for dinner occasions.

They’re available in a range of sizes from a 50g Party Pretzel up to the 1.8 kg Mega Pretzel! Pre-proved for fresh bake off in store or fully baked frozen for convenience.

We are also able to sell pretzel display stands/ pretzel trees for the ultimate eye-catching customer attraction.