Baguettes, Paninis & Brötchen

We offer a wide range of Classic and Artisanal (stone-baked, hand-crafted) Baguettes, Paninis and Brötchen products through our continental partners to suit all key market sectors. Packaging formats are available to suit wholesale and retail customers and can be adapted for own label. Recipes and product format can be developed where volumes are significant.

◆ Classic crusty white
◆ Soft crust/panini style
◆ Wholemeal and seeded
◆ Artisanal, stone-baked, hand-crafted and sour dough
◆ Frozen part-baked and Fully baked
◆ Wide range of sizes from 25g – 400g
◆ Mini assortments available
◆ Gluten free also available